03.03 | Jack and Curtis' Secret Affair

Who needs slash fiction when we now have Youtube remix parody videos?

Here's the story of the secret gay affair between Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning. It's ace.

Who needs Audrey to come back? Jack's already lost his true love...

02.11 | '24' Hour Pizza Delivery

Ever wonder what it would be like if Jack Bauer were a pizza delivery driver instead of an agent for CTU?

Here's a Youtube video that shows you what would happen.

02.07 | Jack Bauer and Aqua Teen Hunger Force team up against terrorists in Boston

When Aqua Teen Hunger Force held Boston under siege with explosive devices, only one man could stop them.

This Youtube video is hilarious. Thanks, National Lampoon.

01.25 | Jack Bauer vs Youtube - Fox sends out a subpoena

24 Fox subpoena

It wasn't me, honest:

20th Century Fox served YouTube with a subpoena Wednesday demanding the Google-owned viral video site disclose the identity of a user who uploaded copies of entire recent episodes of primetime series "24" and "The Simpsons."

The subpoena, which first came to light on the blog Google Watch, was granted by a judge in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California after being filed by the News Corp.-owned studio on January 18. It is not yet known whether YouTube has complied with the request.

The subpoena reads, in part:

On or about January 8, 2007, Fox became aware that a subscriber ("the Subscriber") of YouTube Inc.s' Internet-based service uploaded pirated copies of the works onto YouTube, making it available for illegal viewing over the Internet to anyone who wishes to watch it. Fox has not authorized this distribution or display of the works. The subpoena request YouTube, Inc. to disclose information sufficient to identify the Subscriber so that Fox can stop this infringing activity.

Here's the post on the Google Watch blog mentioned in the Reuters story.

01.04 | Watch a clip from the '24' season six premiere live on Youtube now

OMG! It's Milo:

Seems like Miles O'Brien doesn't get on with Milo. Thank God for Youtube. I think it really is worth the hundred trillion dollars that Google paid for it.

12.03 | Watch the '24' season six DVD prequel now on Youtube

This is amazing:

Split into two parts, because of Youtube's ten minute video length. Here's the second part:

I can't wait. Your thoughts, everyone?

11.30 | Watch a live performance of the '24' theme music

For some reason, a guy put on a performance of the '24' theme song as part of his final degree show.

It's pretty good. They should get them to perform at the wrap party:

Not that I've watched the end credits for years, but it's also on the '24' soundtrack album.

11.24 | New '24 season six trailer

Oh, this looks good:

Thanks, Youtube!

10.11 | Watch the trailer for '24' season six online!

The '24' season six trailer - due to be released for download on October 24th - is on Youtube.com right now...

Oh wait - it's not real. Who on earth went to all this trouble? Whoever they are, they're a genius.

05.06 | Watch Kiefer Sutherland talking about the '24' movie

If you've been reading the site, Kiefer Sutherland appeared on the UK chatshow 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross' to discuss '24' and his behind-the-scenes rock documentary 'I Trust You to Kill Me' following Rocco DeLuca.

I captured a digital stream so I uploaded it to Youtube, which has a ten minute limit for clips so I split it into two parts:

The second part has a clip of him jumping into that Christmas tree in that hotel in London.

01.11 | Kiefer Sutherland does the voice over on the new Apple ad

Remember yesterday's launch of the Macbook Pro and Apple's announcement that its new computers will use Intel chips? Well, Kiefer Sutherland does the voice over on the advert.

Remember in the first season all the goodies used Apple Macs and the baddies used PCs? Before they switched to KDE and Cisco Security Response Centers? This is obviously payback.

01.06 | Are you ready for Jack Bauer's return?

Here's an amusing advert for the fifth season of '24'. Well, sort of amusing. You might feel a bit cheated since there's no footage from the series whatsover, so be warned.

How will you prepare?

01.06 | Fox to sell '24' TV episodes on DirecTV for 99 cents a time

Fox is to sell episodes of '24' to DirecTV customers.

Fox will sell access to episodes of "24" and "Prison Break" for six to seven days after the initial broadcast for 99 cents.
They're not making episodes available on iTunes - yet - so it's basically Tivo that you have to pay for. The service will launch later this year, missing the season five premiere hours.

12.06 | Season 5 prequel to download

You can see the '24' season five prequel to download as a 15mb .wmv file courtesy of the 24natic.

Having watched it, I really want to drive a Toyota. And grow a mullet.

Not long now until the season premiere on January 15th. Fox have even updated the official '24' website.

11.06 | Carlos Bernard on Japanese TV show

Carlos Bernard, AKA '24's Tony Almeida, recently appeared on TV in Japan to promote the the show's DVD boxset. You can watch the video of this online.

Tony Almeida in Japan

Tony Almeida in Japan 2

Tony Almeida in Japan 3

It's eight minute clip of Fuji-TV's "One Night" show, but it's a hilarious eight minutes even if you don't understand Japanese. Enjoy.

10.27 | '24' season five promo trailer clip shown during baseball game

Apparently in the US the other night during the Chicago White Sox vs Houston Astros baseball game, Fox showed the first promo trailer for season five of '24'.

It's 30 seconds long and provides just the tiniest inkling of what's going to be happening in '24' this January.

Here's the trailer for download in 7mb .mpg format, and here's some screengrabs:

24 season five promo trailer 01

24 season five promo trailer 02

24 season five promo trailer 03

24 season five promo trailer 04

24 season five promo trailer 05

24 season five promo trailer 06

24 season five promo trailer 07

24 season five promo trailer 08

24 season five promo trailer 09

24 season five promo trailer 10

24 season five promo trailer 11

Looks like Jack goes hiking, walks up a hill to get a mobile phone signal, makes a car crash by looking at it and holds up a bank whilst filming hostages. Fantastic stuff.

I'm sure they'll be more trailers before the season premiere in January, but why not discuss this one first?

10.04 | Jack Bauer eats more Calorie Mate

Jack Bauer eats Calorie Mate


Following Jack Bauer's two other attempts at advertising Japanese health snack food Calorie Mate, the third advert in the series has hit the internet. This time Jack hijacks a van to take him to the Tokyo Metropolitan government building where some terrorism is going down. Thanks to Japundit for the link.

Three down, 21 adverts to go...