02.19 | Idiot changes his name by deed poll to 'Jack Bauer'

Tim Annan from Watford in the UK changed his name to Jack Bauer.

Fan Tim, 35, insists his friends and workmates at a top London bank call him Bauer as a tribute to his hero played by Kiefer Sutherland in the Sky One drama.

Former cop Tim, who is single and lives in Watford, Herts, changed his name by deed poll last month.

He said: "It beats being plain Tim from Watford."

I think the most telling piece of information in that article is that he's single. No, really.

01.21 | Season six in the UK on Sky One HD

24 HD

Just a reminder for viewers in the UK that '24' season six starts tonight - Sunday 21st January - at 9PM on Sky One.

It's two episodes back-to-back, and comes only a week after the episodes premiered in the US. Which is a whole lot better than being six months behind, which used to happen a year or two back.

It's also being shown on Sky One HD, for those people with posh tellys and lots of money.

07.03 | '24' season five finishes in the UK

Sky finally caught up and broadcast the season five finale last night:

By the third ad-break, Jack has defused the missiles. This left the final episode set up to be an hour of Jack Bauer torturing the shifty, Nixon-alike President of the United States of America. My God, that’s a plot to conjure with — Bauer slowly clipping body-parts off the most powerful man in the world, while hissing huskily at him. It would be like the video to Rock DJ crossed with All the President’s Men.

Of course, in the end, Jack did not torture the President, because he is a patriot, and believes in his country. Instead, there was a thing with a bugged fountain pen and the President’s mad wife, and Jack got his confession, making America safe once again. Jack had just enough time to kiss his girlfriend — who inexplicably didn’t just lie down in the dirt and beg to be impregnated — before he was kidnapped by the Chinese.

Now he’s in the hold of a boat, heading to Shanghai, and Season 6. It’s amazing that James Bond films still get made, really, when '24' does it all so much better, and faster, and hotter. And 24 times a year.

Pity the poor Australians, who are only a few episodes in and have weeks left to go.

Meanwhile, Kiefer Sutherland has been interviewed by the Observer newspaper in the UK and has also won best male drama actor at the Monte Carlo TV Awards.

02.08 | '24' season five begins on Sky One this Sunday

24 season five poster

'24' season five begins on Sky One this Sunday - February 12th - at 9PM. And look! They're even advertising it on public transport.

How can he protect the world from terrorism if he's dead? If you've any ideas, drop us a line.

02.05 | Counting the hours : celebs discuss '24'

Today's Observer newspaper has interviews with Christian O'Connell, Andrew O'Neil, Kate Thornton and more on the subject of Jack Bauer and the new series of '24'. Here's Krishnan Guru-Murthy's view:

It's a classy drama and I hate getting into the final 15 minutes because it means the episode will soon be over. Jack is the ultimate boys' hero, a man who constantly does wrong in order to do right, whose tortured life is driven only to save the things he treasures. And who always gets it right despite the morons just above his pay grade . My little brother is the only person I know who is more hooked than me. I am sure that for a few weeks he truly believes he is Jack. For the rest of the year he just makes do with the CTU [Jack Bauer's agency, Counter Terrorist Unit] ringtone on his mobile.
It's only a short article, but it does remind you that the fifth season of '24' starts on Sky One next Sunday.

01.12 | Sky One to show '24' season five in the UK from February 12th

Sky has finally confirmed the date of the season five premiere. '24' Day 5 starts on Sky One with a double bill of episodes on Sunday February 12th at 9PM. The ten minute prequel to the series plays the week before on Sunday February 5th at 9PM.

11.22 | Sky One to broadcast '24' series five in high definition

Just a quickie: Sky has announced plans for its high definition TV (HDTV) service to start in April 2006. Sky HD will make four channels available in the enhanced format: Sky Sports HD, Sky Movies HD, Artsworld HD (eh?) and Sky One HD, including '24'.

With '24' season five likely to premiere on Sky One around the beginning of February 2006, it's likely that either some or all of the fifth season will be broadcast in the UK using the high definition format.

11.01 | '24's third season to premiere on free-to-air Sky Three in November 2005

Probably old news this, but digital terrestrial Freeview viewers are finally going to be able to watch the third season of '24' thanks to newchannel Sky Three.

Sky has launched the new Sky Three channel, replacing the Sky Travel channel on Freeview. The new channel is going to run old Sky One shows, so, though you won't be able to see the fourth and fifth seasons of '24' yet, the third series will be shown as a 'taster' to get you to 'upgrade' to a full Sky package. As we all know, the first and second seasons ran on BBC2, until Sky decided to fuck over most fans of the show by putting it on their satellite-only Sky One channel.

Now, eighteen months after most of you would have either downloaded it or bought the DVD set, you'll be able to see if for free if you've got a Freeview box - the first time it's been shown on TV in the UK without you needing an expensive satellite package.

'24' season three premieres on the free-to-air Sky Three channel on Saturday November 12th at 9pm.

Do we need any more digital TV channels, though? There isn't anything else worth watching on Sky Three. Except maybe repeats of 'Tru Calling'.

My advice is that if you don't have a Freeview box and you haven't yet seen this season of '24', this might be the time to splash out. Either that or buy the DVDs off Amazon for £34.