05.15 | Fox orders two more seasons of '24'

Fox has ordered two more seasons of "24," keeping the Emmy-winning drama on the net through the 2008-2009 TV season.

The announcement comes on the eve of Fox's Thursday upfront presentation. Show remains a powerful player for Fox, despite ratings dips and critical knocks this season.

Exec producers for "24" have already told several publications that they plan to make some changes on the show next season - but the twist will remain the same: Each episode covering one hour of real time as special agent Jack Bauer races against the clock to stop something bad from happening.

And if it's going to be anything like season six, please put it out of its misery.

05.03 | 24' boss admits series has sucked this season

In separate interviews published this week, the producers said the current, sixth season of the Fox suspense series has been "challenging" and "tricky."

One of them - co-executive producer David Fury - admitted the season was poorly planned, forcing producers to end its principal storyline earlier than they had hoped.

Nice to see the New York Post putting things plainly with its headline.

Executive producer Howard Gordon promises to "reinvigorate" the series next year.

"I don't dispute it's been a challenging season to write for us," he told the Los Angeles Times this week. "But it's reinvigorated our determination to reinvent the show. This year could be seen to be the last iteration of it in its current state."

Please don't have Jack rejoining CTU within three episodes, like every past season when the show's powers that be have promised to shake things up.

12.29 | Jamison Jones joins the cast of '24' season six

Jamison Jones has signed on to play the head of President Wayne Palmer's Secret Service, and it's his second role on '24':

The casting is actually a return trip to "24" for Jones; he had a small role as a deputy in two episodes of the show's second season.
I don't remember him at all: he was in the 11PM - 12AM and 12AM - 1AM episodes. Maybe he was one of the cops outside the gas station hostage situation that Kim got caught up in?

12.15 | Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller turned down from cameos on '24'

Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller have both been deemed too famous to make cameos on '24', according to TV Guide.

Executive producer Joel Surnow says, "You can't put those people on (the show) because they're too recognisable. They'll take you (viewers) out of the reality."
Not quite sure what he means by 'reality' in '24', but I get his point.

12.08 | Entertainment Weekly's First Look at '24': Season 6

Jack, season six

Entertainment Weekly has published a preview of season six, which discusses in brief the set-up and the characters in the new season.

There's also a few photos, even though you might have seen them before.

12.04 | Rick Schroder joins the cast of '24' season six

Rick Schroder, star of 'NYPD Blue' and 'Silver Spoons', has been cast as CTU operative Mike Doyle.

11.18 | Ricky Gervais to appear on '24' season six?

Seems like another UK comedian - Ricky Gervais - has filmed a part for the new season of '24':

"Ricky was just too recognizable to put in the show," "24" executive producer Jon Cassar told The Post. "But Stephen actually walks up to someone at CTU and hands them a piece of paper." Cassar said he hopes Gervais agrees to let the scene he filmed be included as a DVD extra.

In the scene, a group of White House brass meet to discuss an impending terrorist threat.

Gervais, dressed like a presidential advisor, keeps whispering under his breath to give the mission to Jack Bauer - and then acts incredulous when someone else says it aloud and takes credit for the idea.

Ricky's co-writer and podcast co-host Stephen Merchant will actually appear in an episode on TV, though.

11.09 | Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart return for '24' season six

Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart, AKA former President Charles Logan and his First Lady Martha Logan, are to appear in season six:

Emmy-nominated Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart are set to return to the real-time thriller in recurring roles. In the show's upcoming sixth season, they will reprise their respective roles as scheming (now former) President Charles Logan and his emotionally unhinged wife, Martha Logan.

As previously announced, Wayne Palmer (DB Woodside), the manipulative chief of staff and brother to former President David Palmer, will be the new president on the show.

I'm still guessing that Martha Logan will now be a senator in New York, or something.

11.08 | Kim Raver returns for '24' season six

Kim Raver is returning in season six - but she hasn't yet been told when:

Kim Raver knows she'll be back for season six of '24,' but she's not sure when. "The producers know when and where I'm coming back. Kiefer and I talk all the time and try to figure out how to make that work."

10.26 | Powers Boothe cast as Vice President Noah Daniels in '24' season six

Powers Boothe, star of 'Deadwood', has been cast as Wayne Palmer's vice president.

The character is called Noah Daniels, and is so obviously a bad guy it's unbelievable.

Boothe recently wrapped 'The Final Season', also starring '24' season five's Sean Astin.

10.11 | Chad Lowe joins '24' season six

Chad Lowe, Rob Lowe's brother and former husband of Hilary Swank, is to join the '24' season six cast.

He's playing Reed Pollock, a "savvy political operator based in the White House".

10.08 | Actor screws up his chances of a part on '24'

Michael Clarke Duncan, of 'Sin City', 'Talladega Nights' and 'Brother Bear' 'fame', acted like a big douche in front of Kiefer Sutherland.

I'll quote the whole story, because it's funny:

Duncan was thrilled to get an audition for a part in '24', but he wishes he hadn't called Sutherland by his character's name, Jack Bauer.

He tells US chat show host Megan Mullally, "I had a meeting over there some months ago. And I said, 'I'm going to be real cool, drive my Hummer over there and be like this.'

"And I see Jack Bauer running to a van, and his name's not Jack Bauer, it's Kiefer Sutherland.

"So I get all crazed and I lost it and run over to him and say, 'Hey Jack! You were in the bottom of that ship. I voted for you at the Screen Actors Guild Awards...' And I thought, 'What are you doing? Be cool. You might get on this show.'

"I became this dribbling, big black fool and he was like, 'OK, I hope we work together.' Never heard from them since."

Oh dear.

08.10 | Milo to rejoin '24'; DS9's Alexander Siddig signs up for season six

Milo is back! Actor Eric Balfour has rejoined '24' for season six as independent CTU contractor Milo Pressman. Milo disappeared at some point during season one. Now he's back five seasons later. Weird.

The same article also mentions that Alexander Siddig, who played Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Dr Julian Bashir, is joining the cast as a baddie.

I'm sure this part of the rumoured Fox disinformation campaign, but the bit about the Deep Space Nine guy must be true.

07.17 | 'Jerry Maguire' and 'Ray' star to play President Palmer's sister?

I've never seen 'Jerry Maguire' or 'Ray', but apparently Regina King was in both of them.

Regina King, best known for her work in such features as 'Jerry Maguire' and 'Ray', has joined Fox's drama '24' as a regular for next season.

Additionally, D.B. Woodside is taking on a bigger role. Woodside plays Wayne Palmer, the strong-willed brother and former chief of staff of the late President David Palmer, played by Dennis Haysbert. On the show's upcoming sixth season, he will be elected president.

King will play his sister, a powerful advocacy lawyer.

This latest casting news seems to bring credence to the 'President Wayne Palmer' rumours.

07.12 | Wayne Palmer to be President during season six?

Who knows if this is true? It sounds weird, anyway.

From shutuprob: Okay, who's the President on '24' this season? Al Gore? Shut up, Rob. According to one, two and now three reliable sources connected to Fox, the president will be someone we already know. Someone tied to someone we knew very well. Any guesses?

From lostaway123: Palmer's brother?
Yes! D.B. Woodside, aka Wayne Palmer! Pretty good, right?
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From val: Could Regina be playing Wayne's wife?
That's what I was thinking! It is just a sneaking suspicion, but my hunches are that Regina is: Chloe's new boss or Wayne's wife. Or, of course, something totally different that we'd never think of, which it will be.
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From barco: You said other new characters on 24?
Ah, yes. In addition to Regina and Peter (and we must give props to my frienemy Michael Ausiello for scoop on the latter), there are going to be at least four more newbies added to season six who are - stop the presses - terrorists! Gahhhh! I know we've been here before, but I promise this year is "totally different." They are all Middle Eastern terrorists plotting some kind of massive, deadly mission, and one of them is a 21-year-old who lives in the Valley and no one knows he's a terrorist. I knew the Valley was evil. His dad is also a new character - and wrongfully accused.

This is all taken from the reputable E! Online, so it could have a pinch of truth to it.

07.10 | Ally McBeal actor joins the cast of '24'

Ally McBeal actor Peter MacNicol is to appear in the sixth season of '24', according to the TV industry trade magazine Hollywood Reporter.

The actor will portray a high-ranking government official in the real-time drama, which kicks off its sixth year at midseason.

MacNicol has been a cast member on CBS' 'Numbers' since the drama premiered in January 2005. He will shoot '24' and 'Numbers' simultaneously.

Never seen 'Numbers'. No idea if he's any good in it. Also, this is probably the first concrete piece of news about the 2007 season. Here's hoping there's more good news to come.

06.17 | '24' season six to be filmed in New York?

Producers of the Fox show '24' are discussing a scenario for a New York terrorist attack episode next season.

If the producers succeed in persuading New York officials, it will be the first time the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning show has been filmed outside of California, the New York Post reported.

Executive Producer Joel Surnow said, "We're in conversations," tvguide.com reported.

Probably the best pre-season news I've heard in years. As long it's not just for the first five minutes of the first episode before the action hightails it back to LA.

Maybe Jack Bauer can go hang out with The Strokes at CBGCs, or throw a terrorist-bashing party at Ground Zero.

05.17 | '24' may move out of LA for season six

Season five hasn't even reached its reached and the rumours are already flying as the producers of '24' are considering changing locales for the series:

"We've discussed going to a foreign location or another city just to widen the palette of '24','" Howard Gordon, the show's executive producer, said in an interview with TelevisionWeek publisher Chuck Ross. "After five seasons in LA, I feel it's getting shopworn."

Listen to TVWeek.com's latest Howard Gordon podcast.

The rumour is that some of next season's episodes could be filmed in... China.

05.06 | Watch Kiefer Sutherland talking about the '24' movie

If you've been reading the site, Kiefer Sutherland appeared on the UK chatshow 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross' to discuss '24' and his behind-the-scenes rock documentary 'I Trust You to Kill Me' following Rocco DeLuca.

I captured a digital stream so I uploaded it to Youtube, which has a ten minute limit for clips so I split it into two parts:

The second part has a clip of him jumping into that Christmas tree in that hotel in London.

05.05 | Kiefer Sutherland reveals that the '24' movie will be filmed in London

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that a movie version of his hit US TV show 24 is to be made in London.

The actor, who plays hero Jack Bauer in the thriller series, told chat show host Jonathan Ross about his plans on his BBC One show, which airs on Friday.

"We're working on that," he said. "We'll shoot the film here. We're really excited about it.

"In the US, 24 was slow to catch on but in the UK it was big so Fox stuck with it, so thank you Britain."

I can't imagine that the whole film will be set in the UK, though.

Viewers in the UK can watch the interview on 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross', tonight on BBC1 at 22:35. Also, Rocco DeLuca and the Burden will a playing a song.

04.28 | That guy from Desperate Housewives could have been Jack Bauer

Actor Richard Burgi, who played Alan York in the first season of '24', tells TVGuide.com that he was originally cast as Jack Bauer before Kiefer Sutherland:

TVGuide.com: What happened, you got killed off sooner than you would have liked? Burgi: No, no, no. Actually, the producers had wanted me for that show, but the network wanted Kiefer [as the lead], so....

TVGuide.com: Having been there on Day 1, could you tell 24 had legs?
Burgi: You know, the same thing happened with Desperate Housewives: I really didn't think anything other than what we were doing was interesting. I liked the 24 script, which is why I was so passionate about it. When Kiefer got the role, [series cocreator] Joel Surnow called me and said, "I'm really sorry. But we'd still like to have you be a part of the show." They offered me the role of Alan York and I said, "Yep! Love it!" And then when I saw where they were going with it, I thought, "This could go either way. It could be really, really dark and taken down a rough road and be on the receiving end of criticism about its content, or it could break new ground."

04.20 | Kim Basinger to '24' for season six?

So I'm guessing she'll play next year's First Lady:

Kim Basinger is set to join the cast of hit drama '24' after confessing to star Kiefer Sutherland that she's a huge fan.

Basinger has just played opposite Sutherland in thriller The Sentinel and is now considering joining the cast of his TV series for its next season.

She says: "I love that show. That would be cool."

Sutherland admits he's delighted at the thought of Basinger becoming a regular: "I'm gonna hold her to that."

Of course, this is probably bullshit on the scale of 'Edward Norton to join the '24' cast'.

04.10 | Forget about killing off Jack Bauer

...unless this news is just a double bluff:

Kiefer Sutherland will star in three more series of hit drama '24', according to Variety and Hollywood Reporter.

The US actor has starred as government agent Jack Bauer for five seasons of the Fox show.

The new deal is worth $40m. Whether that's per season or in total, is only for Kiefer and his bank manager to know.


While the deal with Sutherland locks him in for three additional years beyond the current fifth season of '24', the 20th TV/Imagine TV-produced show so far has been picked up for one additional season.

Under the pact, Sutherland also will be elevated from a co-executive producer to executive producer on '24' next season alongside Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran, Howard Gordon and Evan Katz.

The development portion of the deal is said to include overhead and a development fund for Sutherland's company. Sutherland will hire a development executive and will begin to develop and executive produce projects for television as well the Internet and wireless devices.

Looks like I was totally wrong, then.

03.18 | ‘24’ producers deny Edward Norton rumours

This would be awesome:

Producers of hit TV show '24' are fiercely denying rumors they're set to replace the show's star Kiefer Sutherland with The Italian Job villain Edward Norton. Norton is reportedly in negotiations to replace Sutherland's Jack Bauer on the show in 2007.

A spokesman for '24' says, "We have no idea how this rumor got started. We are big fans of Edward Norton's work over here at '24'. However, at this time, there are no plans for him to join the cast of '24'."

Anyone got any thoughts?

03.04 | More rumours that '24' will be filming in London.... again.

Every year it's the same bloody rumours: Jack dies this season, we'll make a movie this season, '24' will film in London next season.

American TV drama 24 is expected to head to London to film episodes during which hero Jack Bauer goes head to head with UK terrorists.

The hit series, starring Hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland, is based in real time, and the show's bosses insist Britain's current terror fears would make great television.

Executive producer Howard Gordon says, "We flirted with going to London last year for six episodes. It's something I'd love to try next year."

It must be so easy working in the Fox press office.

02.27 | Exclusive photos from the '24' set

I made super secret spy contact with an LA local who lives near one of the filming locations for '24'. At around 1AM last Saturday morning, the crew were filming scenes outside the Lockheed Federal Credit Union bank at the corner of Owensmouth and Erwin, Woodland Hills.

The episode being filmed was episode 19 of season five, the 1AM - 2AM hour.

Bear in mind that Fox is only just about to show episode 10, or 4PM - 5PM. These photos are from almost half a season away, and you won't get to see the episode on your TV screens for another two months. It's not so much a sneak preview as a blatently obvious balls-out preview.


24s05e19 ii

...which is why I've chosen to show you the spoiler-free ones. Because I wouldn't want to ruin it for you. I won't think it's too much of a spoiler to let you know that at 1AM, it's dark and, yes, Jack is still alive.

And what the fuck kind of use can Jack have for this? It's a bloody tank! Though maybe it belongs to the baddies, who knows?

24s05e19 iii

There's a couple of movies from the set, too. They sort of give away one of the scenes, and I really wouldn't want to ruin it for any of you. They're filming at the same place this coming Saturday, so there might be more photos to come if we're lucky.

02.26 | Fox denies it is making any '24' movies

"There is no truth to this story. As has been previously reported, there have been discussions about a potential feature film based on the television series. However, those discussions remain preliminary, and at this time there are no firm plans for any '24' project starring Kiefer Sutherland other than the current acclaimed television series now in production on its fifth season."
Fox has denied a report that it has plans to make a '24' movie.

02.22 | Bruce Willis to appear in '24: The Movie'?

OK. The latest rumours about the '24' movie are that Kiefer Sutherland has signed a three film deal and that Bruce Willis appear as a guest star.

Hopefully he won't turn out to be Jack's long lost older brother.