04.30 | Is '24' running out of time?

Jack Bauer, America's favorite counter-terrorism agent with the violent code of honor and the weird sadomasochistic bent, is squaring off against a stealthy and unforgiving new enemy.

His fans.

Is '24' running out of time? Possibly. Maybe Jack is going to settle down:

The question is: Will Kim Raver stick around to play Audrey? Jack's Kiefer Sutherland has said plenty of times he likes working with Raver and wants Jack to settle down with her eventually, if Jack doesn't die someday.

Can't see it happening, frankly.

01.18 | '24' scores its highest Nielson ratings ever for the fifth season

Jack Bauer may or may not save the world, but Kiefer Sutherland's secret agent is already doing his part to buck up Fox's midseason. Sunday's season premiere of '24' was the drama's most-watched episode ever, with an average of 17 million viewers, according to early data from Nielsen Media Research.
Fantastic news. Looks like all those DVD sales paid off in terms of people tuning in to see the show on TV.