02.15 | '24' is to cut down on torture scenes

'24' will include fewer torture scenes in its final episodes this season, according to the show's executive producer.

Howard Gordon claimed that the change was not due to pressure from the military, but rather because it had become cliché:

"What was once an extraordinary or exceptional moment is starting to feel a little trite. The idea of physical coercion or torture is no longer a novelty or surprise"

The Street Corner Society blog points out the LA Times report that '24' is responsible for 67 of the 624 depictions of torture on TV during the past five years.

12.12 | Season 6 Intel Uncovered

TV Guide has some interviews with Kiefer Sutherland and executive producer Howard Gordon from the season five DVD release party:

"I think every season is a personal struggle for Jack," executive producer Howard Gordon told TVGuide.com at a party celebrating the Season 5 DVD release. Bauer's latest crucible, Gordon adds, will address "security versus civil rights... this season will be our most uncomfortable."

There's also quotes from Adoni Maropis and Carlo Rota, two new stars of season six.

11.27 | Fox’s Gary Newman discusses '24'

Gary Newman, Co-President of Twentieth Century Fox Television, discusses '24':

WS: How do you keep a show like '24' fresh season after season? NEWMAN: Oh boy! If we knew the formula, we’d probably bottle it and sell it or guard it carefully! I think that the key creative team of Joel Surnow, Bob Cochran, Howard Gordon and Evan Katz deserve an enormous amount of credit for finding ways to continue to top themselves with twists and turns each season. At the core, we have a star who has incredible charisma and is magnetic, and people just love Kiefer in this role. Even though the audience knows that at the end he’s going to succeed, they just love the ride. And I guess that if the show has done anything particularly well that has caused it to stand out, and keep people feeling that it’s fresh, it’s that literally each season there are four or five surprises that you just don’t see on network television: from Nina being the mole in season one, to Jack shooting his boss, to the twist at the end of last season with the Chinese government. It’s those sorts of surprises that just when you think they’re going to save the day, they don’t save the day - in one season nerve gas [was actually released]. In other shows they manage to save the day before the unthinkable happens.

07.03 | '24' season five finishes in the UK

Sky finally caught up and broadcast the season five finale last night:

By the third ad-break, Jack has defused the missiles. This left the final episode set up to be an hour of Jack Bauer torturing the shifty, Nixon-alike President of the United States of America. My God, that’s a plot to conjure with — Bauer slowly clipping body-parts off the most powerful man in the world, while hissing huskily at him. It would be like the video to Rock DJ crossed with All the President’s Men.

Of course, in the end, Jack did not torture the President, because he is a patriot, and believes in his country. Instead, there was a thing with a bugged fountain pen and the President’s mad wife, and Jack got his confession, making America safe once again. Jack had just enough time to kiss his girlfriend — who inexplicably didn’t just lie down in the dirt and beg to be impregnated — before he was kidnapped by the Chinese.

Now he’s in the hold of a boat, heading to Shanghai, and Season 6. It’s amazing that James Bond films still get made, really, when '24' does it all so much better, and faster, and hotter. And 24 times a year.

Pity the poor Australians, who are only a few episodes in and have weeks left to go.

Meanwhile, Kiefer Sutherland has been interviewed by the Observer newspaper in the UK and has also won best male drama actor at the Monte Carlo TV Awards.

05.17 | '24' may move out of LA for season six

Season five hasn't even reached its reached and the rumours are already flying as the producers of '24' are considering changing locales for the series:

"We've discussed going to a foreign location or another city just to widen the palette of '24','" Howard Gordon, the show's executive producer, said in an interview with TelevisionWeek publisher Chuck Ross. "After five seasons in LA, I feel it's getting shopworn."

Listen to TVWeek.com's latest Howard Gordon podcast.

The rumour is that some of next season's episodes could be filmed in... China.

05.06 | Watch Kiefer Sutherland talking about the '24' movie

If you've been reading the site, Kiefer Sutherland appeared on the UK chatshow 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross' to discuss '24' and his behind-the-scenes rock documentary 'I Trust You to Kill Me' following Rocco DeLuca.

I captured a digital stream so I uploaded it to Youtube, which has a ten minute limit for clips so I split it into two parts:

The second part has a clip of him jumping into that Christmas tree in that hotel in London.

05.05 | Kiefer Sutherland reveals that the '24' movie will be filmed in London

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that a movie version of his hit US TV show 24 is to be made in London.

The actor, who plays hero Jack Bauer in the thriller series, told chat show host Jonathan Ross about his plans on his BBC One show, which airs on Friday.

"We're working on that," he said. "We'll shoot the film here. We're really excited about it.

"In the US, 24 was slow to catch on but in the UK it was big so Fox stuck with it, so thank you Britain."

I can't imagine that the whole film will be set in the UK, though.

Viewers in the UK can watch the interview on 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross', tonight on BBC1 at 22:35. Also, Rocco DeLuca and the Burden will a playing a song.

04.08 | Kiefer Sutherland talks masturbation with Rolling Stone

Wow. Just wow:

"I've had one-night stands, but they're just not my nature," he says. "I think of myself as much more of a romantic than that. The point of being with someone is out of the hope and desire for connection. Otherwise, you might as well just go home and masturbate. Actually, there is someone who I really like a lot. But it feels like all I do is work and sleep. If you're just into that, you're fine. But if you're hoping to fall in love, you're dead meat. It fucking ain't going to happen. You're going to fall apart and not make it."
He also talks about killing off Jack Bauer, but that's not half as exciting.

03.23 | Shooting in high definition on the '24' set

An in-depth article about shooting '24' in high definition:

Getting back on the set of '24' with the cameras was somewhat of a challenge because in the time since we had carried out the first tests the whole tenor of the production had become more intense and I had to carefully pick days when we were on the set of CTU (counter-terrorist unit). I told Keifer we were testing more small cameras for drama use and he said again that he doesn’t feel he can perform as intensely in front of a small camera as when he faces a large Panaflex. So I’ll start by reiterating a point I made last time: it’s a good idea to use large matte boxes if you intend to use HDV for drama, so that the actors feel there is something of substance there they can address – obviously not for taking an eyeline down the lens, but at least to act as an audience.

03.04 | More rumours that '24' will be filming in London.... again.

Every year it's the same bloody rumours: Jack dies this season, we'll make a movie this season, '24' will film in London next season.

3D Interiör American TV drama 24 is expected to head to London to film episodes during which hero Jack Bauer goes head to head with UK terrorists.

The hit series, starring Hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland, is based in real time, and the show's bosses insist Britain's current terror fears would make great television.

Executive producer Howard Gordon says, "We flirted with going to London last year for six episodes. It's something I'd love to try next year."

It must be so easy working in the Fox press office.

02.19 | Kiefer Sutherland visits the record doctor

The Observer's record doctor prescribes the Futureheads and Pete Doherty's Babyshambles to Kiefer Sutherland:

Unsurprisingly, in light of his regard for XTC and post-punk's caffeine-laced exuberance, the Patient was most impressed by the Futureheads: 'They have an energy that grabbed me. "Hounds of Love"s dramatic vocals and riffs got me straight away, and 'Decent Days and Nights' is a hectic punk tune. They're the refreshing antithesis of manufactured pop.'

As have Babyshambles, who, while they will never be the Clash, made the Patient want to 'check out more of their music' on account of the line 'why would you pay to see me in a cage?'

He also likes Coldplay and blames never having heard Franz Ferdinand on working 14 hour days.

02.05 | Carlos Bernard interviewed

Carlos Bernard talks about being Tony Almeida:

“Maybe the Tony character might be more relatable. He’s not so sure about everything. He has questions about things, whereas I think the Jack character has a real strong resolve about every decision he makes. I think Tony’s the opposite. I think that’s why they’re an interesting contrast. Tony lets the emotions come in more and, as a result, he’s probably not as good at his job. He’s not the machine that Jack is.”
Though hopefully that '10th longest day of his life' won't happen.

01.11 | '24' heads back into action with new twists

Another good article about the new season:

"There’s a running joke among fans that Jack never goes to the bathroom," Sutherland recalls. "We had a scene where I was running towards a sign pointing 'BATHROOM' to the left and 'OFFICES' to the right. I did a double-take and ran towards the bathroom! We sent it in to the network, as a joke reel. But, quite frankly, nobody wants to see Jack Bauer go to the bathroom."
MSNBC also lets slip that the show is filmed in a former pencil factory.

01.09 | Fox's '24' makes Smart move

Jean Smart, who plays Martha Logan, the President's First Lady, in the new season of '24', is interviewed in today's USA Today:

"Needless to say, she's having a very bad day"
Seems from what she says that the Logans are spending the day at a 'Camp David' style retreat.

01.09 | Kiefer Sutherland to appear on 'Charlie Rose' this Friday

Kiefer Sutherland will be appearing as a guest on PBS' 'Charlie Rose' this Friday, January 13th 2006 at 8PM EST. No doubt he'll be talking to Charlie about filming the fifth season of '24' and more.

Charlie Rose is generally on somewhere between 8pm and 11pm, then repeats in certain areas on varying days and times; check your local listings for the time in your area.

01.06 | Carlos Bernard discusses '24' season five

According to Carlos Bernard, things will be very different for his character, Tony Almeida, on the Jan. 15-launching new season of '24' - but that's exactly how he prefers it. "The great thing about my character is that every year he's changing. His predicaments force him to change," notes Bernard. "Sometimes with television shows you get a little bit repetitive. If anything, I just want things to keep moving forward so that there are new challenges for the character. One thing I'd never want to have happen with this show is to feel like you're doing the same thing over and over again."
Carlos Bernard, AKA Tony Almeida, speaks to the LA Daily News about the fifth season of '24'.

12.31 | Howard Gordon, showrunner of '24', interviewed

As Gordon takes over in the fifth season of a show that some critics thought would never last because of its serialized format, he says he felt "almost paralyzing" pressure at the beginning of production. "I am worried about being the guy who buried 24," he says. "But at least I am one of the guys who built it, I guess."
Howard Gordon, one of the head honchos at '24', talks about his career and how he ended up working at the show.

10.04 | Milo actor speaks to TV Guide about '24'

Eric Balfour, star of 'Six Feet Under' and UPN's new 'Sex, Love & Secrets', talks to TV Guide about his role as Milo on the first season of '24':

TVGuide.com: Could 24 have used more fantasy song-and-dance numbers? Balfour: [Laughs] You really want me to answer that question?

TVGuide.com: For you, what was the coolest part of playing 24's computer-whiz, Milo?
Balfour: The coolest part was getting to work with Kiefer [Sutherland]. I didn't have a whole lot to do � I sort of sat behind the desk a lot of time and played with computers....

TVGuide.com: Still, we got to cast a suspicious eye on you now and again.... "Is Milo a bad guy?"
Balfour: "Is he the mole? Is he just eating a lot of peanuts?" I really, really do think Kiefer is a phenomenal actor and a phenomenal guy to be around. One of my all-time favorite movies was The Lost Boys. Those guys were my idols. He has just given performance after performance, from Flatliners to that and Freeway...

TVGuide.com: Whatever happened to Milo?
Balfour: I think he got a job working for Intel. He's training all the people who work the AOL service lines in India.

Poor old Milo. And we thought CTU treated Ryan Chappelle badly.

09.30 | Fox commits to noir pilot from '24' duo

'24' producers Bob Cochran and Joel Surnow have a new show for Fox.

It's called 'Thirteen', because it'll run over 13 episodes.

Set in present-day Los Angeles, it will mine the film noir vein in the potboiler-meets-psychological-drama spirit of Curtis Hanson's "L.A. Confidential" and such vintage classics as 1944's "Murder, My Sweet" and 1947's "Out of the Past," said Bob Cochran, who will produce with Joel Surnow.

"We'd like to do the same thing for film noir with this that '24' did for the thriller format," Cochran said. "There's not a whole on TV right now in this wonderful genre, and we feel that we're kind of in the same place where we were a few years ago when '24' launched. There's real opportunity for someone to reinvent this format for TV."

Cochran said the project "will have more languid moments and more sexuality and sensuality than '24' has allowed for". Ooh-er missus.

09.06 | Kiefer Sutherland spills the beans on the '24' video game

If you lost hope for him then you would lose interest in the show. The fourth season starts with him being happy, very much like the first season started off. I think he smiled more in the first two episodes than he smiled in the entire history of the show!
Here's a neat interview with Kiefer Sutherland on computerandvideogames.com. It's supposed to be about the '24' PS2 game, but it doesn't really mention a lot about it. Plenty on the '24' TV show, though.

08.23 | Ben Jones off Virgin Radio wants your questions for Kiefer

Ben Jones from Virgin Radio in the UK has emailed the site to say that he's off to LA this week to interview the '24' cast on set at CTU about the '24' game and season five.

Ben's a huge fan of the show, so he's asked if any of the fans out there have their own questions they'd like to ask the cast.

If you leave your questions in the comments section for this post, I'll try and make sure Ben - and the cast, too - gets to see them.

08.19 | '24: The Game' Developer Diary

We have some dedicated motion capture days set aside but I�m not sure if we�ll use them, as the character animation is progressing very well at present. We do have motion capture actors that we�re very happy with so we�ve not yet used specific actors like Kiefer or Elisha Cuthbert. Perhaps having the show�s actors motion capture their own moves will be the next big thing, but the skills required are subtly different from the acting they�re used to, and so time consuming, that perhaps this will remain a separate issue for some while yet.
Psx2.com is publishing a six part "developer's diary" written by Mark Green of Sony's Cambridge Studio covering the making of the '24' Playstation game.

Here's the first part.