02.19 | Idiot changes his name by deed poll to 'Jack Bauer'

Tim Annan from Watford in the UK changed his name to Jack Bauer.

Fan Tim, 35, insists his friends and workmates at a top London bank call him Bauer as a tribute to his hero played by Kiefer Sutherland in the Sky One drama.

Former cop Tim, who is single and lives in Watford, Herts, changed his name by deed poll last month.

He said: "It beats being plain Tim from Watford."

I think the most telling piece of information in that article is that he's single. No, really.

05.17 | '24' may move out of LA for season six

Season five hasn't even reached its reached and the rumours are already flying as the producers of '24' are considering changing locales for the series:

"We've discussed going to a foreign location or another city just to widen the palette of '24','" Howard Gordon, the show's executive producer, said in an interview with TelevisionWeek publisher Chuck Ross. "After five seasons in LA, I feel it's getting shopworn."

Listen to TVWeek.com's latest Howard Gordon podcast.

The rumour is that some of next season's episodes could be filmed in... China.

04.28 | That guy from Desperate Housewives could have been Jack Bauer

Actor Richard Burgi, who played Alan York in the first season of '24', tells TVGuide.com that he was originally cast as Jack Bauer before Kiefer Sutherland:

TVGuide.com: What happened, you got killed off sooner than you would have liked? Burgi: No, no, no. Actually, the producers had wanted me for that show, but the network wanted Kiefer [as the lead], so....

TVGuide.com: Having been there on Day 1, could you tell 24 had legs?
Burgi: You know, the same thing happened with Desperate Housewives: I really didn't think anything other than what we were doing was interesting. I liked the 24 script, which is why I was so passionate about it. When Kiefer got the role, [series cocreator] Joel Surnow called me and said, "I'm really sorry. But we'd still like to have you be a part of the show." They offered me the role of Alan York and I said, "Yep! Love it!" And then when I saw where they were going with it, I thought, "This could go either way. It could be really, really dark and taken down a rough road and be on the receiving end of criticism about its content, or it could break new ground."

04.20 | Kim Basinger to '24' for season six?

So I'm guessing she'll play next year's First Lady:

Kim Basinger is set to join the cast of hit drama '24' after confessing to star Kiefer Sutherland that she's a huge fan.

Basinger has just played opposite Sutherland in thriller The Sentinel and is now considering joining the cast of his TV series for its next season.

She says: "I love that show. That would be cool."

Sutherland admits he's delighted at the thought of Basinger becoming a regular: "I'm gonna hold her to that."

Of course, this is probably bullshit on the scale of 'Edward Norton to join the '24' cast'.

02.27 | Exclusive photos from the '24' set

I made super secret spy contact with an LA local who lives near one of the filming locations for '24'. At around 1AM last Saturday morning, the crew were filming scenes outside the Lockheed Federal Credit Union bank at the corner of Owensmouth and Erwin, Woodland Hills.

The episode being filmed was episode 19 of season five, the 1AM - 2AM hour.

Bear in mind that Fox is only just about to show episode 10, or 4PM - 5PM. These photos are from almost half a season away, and you won't get to see the episode on your TV screens for another two months. It's not so much a sneak preview as a blatently obvious balls-out preview.


24s05e19 ii

...which is why I've chosen to show you the spoiler-free ones. Because I wouldn't want to ruin it for you. I won't think it's too much of a spoiler to let you know that at 1AM, it's dark and, yes, Jack is still alive.

And what the fuck kind of use can Jack have for this? It's a bloody tank! Though maybe it belongs to the baddies, who knows?

24s05e19 iii

There's a couple of movies from the set, too. They sort of give away one of the scenes, and I really wouldn't want to ruin it for any of you. They're filming at the same place this coming Saturday, so there might be more photos to come if we're lucky.

02.26 | Fox denies it is making any '24' movies

"There is no truth to this story. As has been previously reported, there have been discussions about a potential feature film based on the television series. However, those discussions remain preliminary, and at this time there are no firm plans for any '24' project starring Kiefer Sutherland other than the current acclaimed television series now in production on its fifth season."
Fox has denied a report that it has plans to make a '24' movie.

02.23 | '24' actor calls fans on their birthdays

Louis Lombardi, the actor who plays Edgar Stiles in '24', is phoning up radio DJs to wish them happy birthday. The guy he called was DJ Adam 12 of WBCN, Boston's rock station.

When Adam asked if Edgar and office dominatrix Chloe O’Brian were headed for a little romance on what he calls the “Jack Bauer Power Hour,” Lombardi joked that they’d “have to do a Pay-Per-View special.” Which may be a little too hot even for the CTU crew to handle!
Sounds hot!

01.27 | Kiefer Sutherland's drunken kung-fu

Kiefer Sutherland reportedly demonstrated his karate skills during a heavy drinking session at Los Angeles' Ye Rustic Inn bar.

According to US magazine Steppin' Out, after sinking a few rounds of drinks and being presented with the bill, Sutherland claimed he couldn't pay, telling bar staff: "It's been stolen! I promise I'll come back and pay."

The handsome star then proceeded to launch himself into a "series of karate kicks in the middle of the floor" while the bartenders and several bemused customers looked on.

Remember the other week when he attacked a Christmas tree?

01.24 | Sean Astin and Joel Surnow talk '24' during naked chiropractic session

This is just worrying:

Actor Sean Astin landed his latest role on the hit series '24' after he cornered the show's creator in his underwear during a chiropractic session.

The actor was thrilled when a routine adjustment turned into an audition and thanks his chiropractor for introducing him to the show's creator.

Astin recalls, "Joel Surnow, the creator, was waiting in a room in his boxer shorts and asked me if I wanted to be on the show."

I think it was worth the embaressment. Astin's character Lynn McGill has a lot of promise.

01.24 | Mia Kirshner is arrested for drug use in Tony Almeida prank

At the end of the last season, Carlos Bernard set up a prank on '24' co-star Mia Kirshner - AKA 'Mandy' - where some cops would 'arrest' her for smoking marijuana. But it all went a bit wrong. Kirshner got a bit upset, unsurprisingly, holding up filming and costing producers a fortune.

"The whole day was made up of scenes between Mia and me, which meant a lot of money lost, so the producers were kind of losing it... Our director almost had a heart attack. It was a fun day at the office."
Even Kiefer Sutherland didn't see the funny side.

01.03 | Kiefer Sutherland photographed drunk in London by tabloid newspaper

Kiefer Sutherland has been caught drinking - with pals! - in a hotel bar by the Sunday Mirror. After a seven hour binge, he ended the night by trashing a large Christmas tree.

Kiefer Sutherland drunk
He ordered yet more booze on room service, then staggered around the entrance hall, entertaining pals with a bizarre, flailing breakdancing routine.

It was then that a huge Christmas tree caught his eye.

"I hate that f***ing Christmas tree," he declared. "The tree HAS to come down."

Kiefer warned staff: "I'm smashing it - can I pay for it?"

A staff member replied: "I'm absolutely sure you can, sir."